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Toniks provides live language lessons over the internet, taught by excellent native teachers from around the world. The tuition is provided on an individual basis (just you and your tutor), and so is fully customised to your needs.

Our priority is to give you the quality tuition with convenience. We also believe in excellent customer relations and delivering a quality service.
meet the team
Name: Karen Hollands

Karen Hollands MD graduated with a law degree and started her career as a trainee lawyer working in a litigation practice. She realized that she preferred a career in business and joined American Express as a graduate trainee. She spent 4 years in the corporate world. Then she went on to set up 3 businesses. The first was a management consultancy advising on career change through the use of psychometric tests. She is a qualified psychometric practitioner. Then for the last 15 years has set up and run 2 language schools. From 1996 to 2005 she ran an English school for executives and professionals in the North East of Brazil and since 2005 has been running Toniks

Name: Mike Hollands

Mike Hollands, Head of Marketing and IT graduated with a degree in business and marketing. He has spent over 25 in the telecoms industry in various marketing roles. Toniks was his brain child and he set up the company. He is also responsible for IT and the training of the teachers in the use of the interactive software.

Name: Rafael Checa

Rafael Checa, Director of Studies. Rafael has been with Toniks since its launch in 2005. Rafael is the senior teacher coordinator and has many years experience as being Director of studies at other language schools in main land Europe. Rafael is a Spanish national from Malaga who currently resides in Prague.

our quality
Quality is achieved through the way we run our everyday business:


By delivering lessons over the internet, we are able to recruit teachers from around the world, and so have access to the best, rather than being limited to available teachers in one particular geographical area.


We regularly record lessons, so we can review them and support our teachers with constant feedback on how to improve their teaching. This observation also keeps our teachers constantly "on their toes". We also operate an incentive scheme where teachers get paid more the happier their students indicate they are with the tuition.


Teachers are provided with thorough training before being accredited as Toniks teachers. They then have to meet strict quality standards to maintain accreditation, ensuring that any teacher assigned to you is first rate.


Online support is given to teachers to help them prepare the best possible lessons. Teachers have a portal where they are able to collaborate and share best practices with one another, ensuring they are constantly improving their technique for your benefit.
your convenience
We make things convenient for you by making everything simple and easy to use:


You can have your lesson wherever you have access to your computer - at home, in your office, or from a hotel. There is no need for you to travel to a school with the additional time and expense this would entail. If your plans change and you need to work from home on a particular day, there is no need to cancel your lesson. Your teacher is available wherever you are with no need to reschedule.


Booking and rescheduling classes can all be done on your personal space on the Toniks website, where you can also view recordings of your lessons whenever you want. Your space also enables easy storage and organization of all materials associated with your tuition.

Lesson times

As our teachers are working from home, they are very flexible with respect to the time they are available for teaching, meaning that we can find a time for your lessons that suits you.

Technical support

At all times when you are our customer, we provide you with instant technical support, ensuring any hitches you may encounter are resolved promptly and efficiently.
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